News/Solid Strides Forward against «Barnevernet» at the KKN Meeting Last Night

Solid Strides Forward against «Barnevernet» at the KKN Meeting Last Night

February 07, 2018

A historic gathering was held last night by Christian Coalition World (KKN) in Oslo with a focus on the Norwegian Child Protection Services (CPS), «Barnevernet». KKN has held meetings that have dealt with the CPS, but this was the first meeting to analyze and assist in specific cases. 

Solid Strides Forward against «Barnevernet» at the KKN Meeting Last NightJan-Aage Torp and Einar C. Salvesen at the KKN meeting in Oslo last night

We invited our friend, Einar C. Salvesen, Norway´s most revered and vocal advocate of reform of the CPS. Salvesen is a specialist in oganizational psychology, and has been an appointed expert psychologist in numerous CPS-cases. In 2015 he initiated the famous Message of Concern (=«bekymringsmelding») to the Minister of Children and Equality about the malpractices of «Barnevernet». 240 professionals within various aspects of such cases, medical doctors, psychiatrists, lawyers, and psychologists signed the Message of Concern, but little has been done by the government agencies to comply. Salvesen then initiated the Competency Network for Quality in CPS (KIB), originally comprising only expert psychologists, but has now expanded to include experts in other relevant fields.

Jan-Aage Torp gave a report from his trip during the last four days to Albania, and especially focused on the need for judicial reform of the courts of Albania, where corruption among judges is rampant. The judicial system is vital to a well-functioning society, he said. Einar Salvesen underscored that the courts present a challenge in Norway as well. Corruption is subtle in our nation, but the most important challenge is that the judges are largely having to base their rulings on one-sided presentations by the CPS-appointed expert psychologists.

Einar Salvesen gave a brief introduction on the challenges with the CPS, but we spent most of the evening in lively communication about several specific cases. In attendance among the KKN members and activists were several mothers, fathers and grandparents who are in the middle of a battle against «Barnevernet». Each case was presented and dicussed, and we formed an Action Group, under Salvesen´s leadership, to handle these cases. The group will seek to provide the most competent psychologists and lawyers for all these cases. Ms. Natalie de Linde will function as Mr. Salvesen´s assistent in this Action Group.

Torp and Salvesen also gave detailed reports from our work with European bodies and governments regarding «Barnevernet».

The excitement last night shows that when the right people come together, without selfish agendas, then great things will be achieved!

Solid Strides Forward against «Barnevernet» at the KKN Meeting Last NightLively discussions on «Barnevernet» last night
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