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Part 1 of Ghilețchi Award

KKN Media
April 29, 2019
Part 1 of Ghilețchi Award

The ceremony for the bestowal of KKN´s Family Defense Award 2019 to Valeriu Ghilețchi was challenged when the pilots of SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) started a strike on Friday morning. Ghilețchi had already left Chisinau, Moldova when this happened, and when he made an intermediate stopover in Stockholm en route to Oslo, there were no flights to Oslo with any airline, and time was too short to drive by car. He would also have to catch the flight from Stockholm back to Moldova on Saturday at noon.

Ghilețchi was instead interviewed on TV Vision Sverige, and this interview was shown on the highly intreresting broadcast on TV Visjon Norge with Jan Hanvold as host, and with Magny Håland and Aina & Jan-Aage Torp as guests.

«Part 2» of the ceremony will take place on Friday, May10th in the Romanian Parliament in Bucharest with Dr Ben-Oni Ardelean as host and several parliamentarians as guests, and KKN´s Executive Chairman Jan-Aage Torp will lead the ceremony. Romanian national will cover the event.

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