News/Celebration of the Bodnariu Family - and the Families of Norway

Celebration of the Bodnariu Family - and the Families of Norway

Live TV Celebration
May 27, 2017

The grand award ceremony of the «The Family Defense Award 2017» to Marius & Ruth Bodnariu and their five children will take place on LIVE TV to Scandinavia on TV Visjon on Thursday, June 8th at 19:00.

Celebration of the Bodnariu Family - and the Families of Norway

The Founding Director of Norway´s largest alternative tv channel, Rev. Jan Hanvold, is opening up their Studio 2 in Drammen for this public celebration of love, unity and victorious battle that the Norwegian-Romanian Bodnariu family have displayed for the world, along with their extended families and friends in many nations. More than 100.000 people demonstrated worldwide for them during a six month period in 2016.

The award is a painting by the acclaimed Norwegian painter Reidar Kolbrek, and is given by Kristen Koalisjon Norge (KKN).

Lunchtime Seminar

At lunch time of Thursday, June 8th from 11:00 to 14:00 there will be a seminar on «Defense of Family - Defense of Children» at Katakomben in Bok & Media bookstore, Akersgata 47 in downtown Oslo, close to the Parliament. Noted leaders within European and Norwegian politics, law, psychology, diplomacy, and church will make presentations and discuss the issues. Binding registration via our contact page. Limited space. The payment of 200 kroner includes one baguette each.

Live TV Celebration

For the live evening celebration at TV Visjon Norge, Studio 2, Øvre Eikervei 126 in Drammen, there is an open invitation to the victims of «barnevernet» who will be interviewed for future tv broadcasts on the tv station.

For the evening tv celebration the master of ceremonies will be Mrs. Anita Apelthun Sæle who was a member of the Norwegian Parliament from 1993 to 2005.

The main contributors both morning and evening are the Romanian senators Titus Corlatean (former foreign & justice minister) and Ben-Oni Ardelean, as well as the Norwegian psychologist Einar Salvesen. The family of Marius & Ruth Bodnariu are guests of honor.

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