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«Family Defense Award» given to the Bodnariu Family

May 15, 2017

On Thursday evening of June 8th, there will be a festive meeting in Oslo of national and international dimensions when the Marius & Ruth Bodnariu family with their 5 children will be given the «Family Defense Award» for their battle for their own family when Barnevernet in Naustdal county took all the children, with no forewarning, on November 16th, 2015. All 5 kids were returned to their parents after a decision in the courts at the end of May 2016. The family has since moved to Romania. The Prize is awarded by Kristen Koalisjon Norway.

«Family Defense Award» given to the Bodnariu Family «Family Defense Award» given to the Bodnariu FamilyArdelean and Corlatean

The following statement has been made by Jan-Aage Torp and Finn Jarle Sæle of Kristen Koalisjon Norway (KKN):

«The prize to the Bodnariu-famiy is a recognition of the faith nnd love of the core Bodnariu family, but also of the extended Bodnariu family on Norwegian and Romanian side in many nations that have fought together with the core family in Naustdal, as well as the tens-of-thousands supporters worldwide who demonstrated against the wrong intervention of Barnevernet.

The Prize is called «The Family Defense Award» and recognizes the deceased Member of Parliamwnt and Vice-Chairman of the Progress Party, John Alvheim, who even when he was the Chairman of the Parliament´s Social Committee in 1997-2005, chose to speak against the dangers of the Norwegian Barnevernet. ».

Marius & Ruth Bodnariu will not be able to come to the award ceremony, because they fear being arrested by Norwegian Police after they chose to not attend the court case in January 2017 where they were charged for alleged «family violence». But they will be represented by their Norwegian and Romanian families.

During the festive meeting the Romanian senators Titus Corlatean and Ben-Oni Ardelean will speak. Both senators came to Norway to support the Bodnariu family during the heat of the battle in January 2016. Corlatean is the former foreign and justice minister of Romania. 

There will be contributions from victims and activists in the battle against Barnevernet´s abuses.

There will be greetings by leading politicians in Norway, and various nations will be represented by their ambassadors.

On Friday, June 9th there will be a brunch time seminar in central Oslo with a focus on Barnevernet in Norway. Here Corlatean, Ardelean and Norwegian leaders will give lectures, and representatives from Barnevernet will be invited to express their views

John Alvheim (1930-2005) was the Chairman of the Norwegian Parliament´s Social Committee in 1997-2005, and was undoubtedly regarded as the most trustworthy politician in our nation on social issues, across the party lines. He was particularly known for his defense of the elderly and his warnings against the abuses of Barnevernet. After his death, politicians of our nation have preferred to ignore his warnings against Barnevernet, which became even more radical in ideology and methodology in 2012, thanks to decisions by Parliament. The present Minister of Children and Equality, Ms. Solveig Horne, is contradicting what John Alvheim stood for, even though he represented the same party as her.

John Alvheim was a devout follower of Christ. We were privileged to work with him on several occasions on family issues.

Here are John Alvheim´s 10 Commandments for those that are targeted by Barnevernet, in our English translation:

1. Shut up, everything you say will be used against you.

2. Contact a lawyer immediately.

3. Get a psychologist, even if you are healthy – you might need it.

4. Don´t accept help, it will create the impression that you can´t take care of yourself.

5. Don´t accept help from maternal homes. That is not a relief institution, but a surveillance center.

6. Demand an explanation in writing for all decisions you are exposed to.

7. Appeal against every decision.

8. Don´t accept placement in foster homes. You won´t get the child back.

9. Remember that when barnevernet talks about relief measures, then they normally refer to taking over parental care, or surveillance.

10. If you need help, use friends or relatives – or manage yourself.

«Family Defense Award» given to the Bodnariu Family


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