KKN Speaks/Trump & Co are in a War with pervasive anti-Values in the Diplomatic World

Trump & Co are in a War with pervasive anti-Values in the Diplomatic World

Jan-Aage Torp
June 16, 2019
Trump & Co are in a War with pervasive anti-Values in the Diplomatic WorldPresident Trump and Mother Teresa flank the US Embassy in Oslo

Since December 2016, KKN has been blessed with tremendous goodwill from the ambassadors of the world to our nation, Norway.

I have learned to appreciate the great significance of the envoys to Oslo.

Time and again, they invite me to consult and celebrate. 

It really started with the ambassadors of Romania and Russia who acknowledged our huge battle against anti-family values and practices in Norway. I have had amicable and constructive communication with the ambassadors and diplomats from Romania, Russia, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, USA, Thailand, Poland, Austria, Serbia, India, Ukraine, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Spain and many more.

However, I have learned that the diplomatic corps in many nations are controlled by a culture of independence from their own government, combined with financial dependency and control by the United Nations, the World Bank, various globalist entities, George Soros, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Clinton Foundation, the Obama Foundation, the World Economic Forum in Davos etc. These entities pressurize and entice nations, politicians and diplomats into their anti-values of LGBTIQ, anti-family, and anti-unborn agendas. The allure of money is overpowering for «small» people.

Mother Teresa and her like were never like this - and spoke against abortion!

President Donald Trump has started on an uphill battle against these forces. The betrayal by US embassies in the world against Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on the «pride flag» issue, speaks volumes.

However, I have no doubt that President Trump & Co in many nations of the world are winning this cultural war. Trump is making America great again. God bless America!

Let us make all our nations great!

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