KKN Speaks/Jerusalem Embassies: The US Move and a Positive Shift by Russia have Consequences for the Holy See and the EU

Jerusalem Embassies: The US Move and a Positive Shift by Russia have Consequences for the Holy See and the EU

Jan-Aage Torp
May 10, 2018
Jerusalem Embassies: The US Move and a Positive Shift by Russia have Consequences for the Holy See and the EUA screen photo from The Egypt Independent earlier this month

President Donald Trump is actually doing what every US President for the past 20 years has promised to do: Move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to the legitimate Capital of the modern State of Israel, Jerusalem. Every other President since Congress in 1995 passed the «Jerusalem Embassy Act» has avoided the fulfilment of their promise, until Trump is showing that integrity and common sense is what makes a nation «great again».

The official move happens on May 14th when the Trump administration holds a ceremony in Jerusalem to mark the opening of the US Embassy in the city. This starts the process of moving the Embassy which could take years, since the construction of a new Embassy will be a time-consuming and costly project. Next week, only a few offices will be moved from Tel Aviv to the new location in Jerusalem, including the office of the US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, who will begin working from Jerusalem on a regular basis. 

The Palestinian Authority has strongly denounced the Trump administration's decision on Jerusalem. Arab nations have also criticized Trump's move, and the Arab League published a joint statement emphasizing that East Jerusalem should become the capital of Palestine. However, most Arab countries do not express a strong criticism.

Many countries have consulates located in Jerusalem, but up until last month, no country has had its Embassy in the city for more than a decade. Trump's speech led at least one country, Guatemala, to already move its Embassy to Jerusalem. Honduras has announced that it will also move, and Paraguay is the latest country to announce it will move its Embassy to Jerusalem. Other countries have expressed openness toward such a move, but have not officially authorized or announced it. 

The EU´s official position...

....is to be upset with the US move. EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini has repeatedly stated what she said upon Trump´s announcement in December 2017 (Jerusalem Post): «We believe the only realistic solution to the conflict between Israel and Palestine is based on two states and with Jerusalem as the capital of both.»

But Ms. Mogherini seems to have no viable solution to the Jerusalem stalemate.

Trump´s decisiveness has brought hope into the foreign policy-makers in the individual EU states such as Bulgaria, Romania, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Latvia and Poland.

Mogherini´s stance has made her inefficient to the point where she is losing control of her own playing field.

Christian Coalition World (KKN) strongly encourages the Italian-born foreign policy chief Mogherini to alter course before it is altered beyond her control.

The Holy See is sticking...

....to the policies since 1994 when diplomatic relations were established between the Holy See and the State of Israel following the signing of the Fundamental Agreement between the Holy See and the State of Israel on December 30th, 1993. The Nunciature has since been located in Tel Aviv.

The brave Pope Francis could now initiate the move to Jerusalem where the Vatican would have easier access to the holy sights, as well as to both the Israeli and Palestinian sides.

Christian Coalition World (KKN) strongly encourages the wise Pope to bring progress to the stalement of the Jerusalem issue by moving the Nunciature from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The Russian global leadership... 

....through President Vladimir Putin is being proven again and again. Putin and Trump seem to have a common understanding that mainstream American and EU politics and media find worrisome. But Trump´s boldness and common sense in moving the US Embassy is clearly tempting his Russian counterpart. 

President Putin warned initially against Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, stating in December 2017 that this risks escalating tension in an already tense region. «The decision does not help regulating the situation in the Middle East but instead destabilises the already complicated atmosphere» Putin said during a press conference in Ankara.

However, Putin made what seems to be a huge turnaround in March In an unusual statement that referred to part of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, praising «West Jerusalem» for not being drawn into what it described as a hysterical anti-Russian campaign following the poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia Skripal in Great Britain.

«The (Russian) embassy notes with concern attempts undertaken by the government of the United Kingdom and supported by some other foreign nations and a number of media outlets, to draw Israel into political and propagandistic campaign, which was unleashed by London under the false pretext of Russia’s alleged involvement [in the poisoning incident],» read a statement put out by the Russian Embassy in Tel Aviv.

Christian Coalition World (KKN) does not need to give recommendations to neither Putin nor Trump. Their common sense and pragmatism is unavoidably leading them both to the same decision of Jerusalem being the only logical and practical place to locate their Embassies.

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