KKN Speaks/Gordon Robertson´s Bold Challenge for Norway - and: Look to Russia!

Gordon Robertson´s Bold Challenge for Norway - and: Look to Russia!

Jan-Aage Torp
July 19, 2019
Gordon Robertson´s Bold Challenge for Norway - and: Look to Russia!

I was impacted by the excellent report on The 700 Club yesterday by the CBN News reporter Dale Hurd about the Norwegian Barnevernet. It is a significant event that the world´s premiere evangelical newscast has a report about the Child Protection System (CPS) in a far-away nation with only five million inhabitants.

The Report

Gordon Robertson´s Bold Challenge for Norway - and: Look to Russia!Dale Hurd

The report presented glimpses of three ongoing cases in Norway, plus the famous Bodnariu case of 2015-2016.

We are fortunate to know personally the families of Marius & Ruth Bodnariu, who since 2016 have sought refuge in Romania, and of Zygys Aleksa & Natalya Shutakova, who lost their three kids in Notodden on May 20th, 2019.

The report presented a skype interview with psychology specialist Einar C. Salvesen, who is Norway´s most credible witness against the atrocities of Barnevernet, leading 250 professional psychologists and social workers in their battle to reform the evil system.

Dale Hurd stated the shocking reality that 26 cases are pending against Norway´s CPS in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg.

Gordon Robertson´s Scathing Criticism

Gordon Robertson´s Bold Challenge for Norway - and: Look to Russia!Gordon Robertson (Photo Credits: Jan-Aage Torp)

However, probably the most important statement came on the live broadcast of The 700 Club immediately after Dale Hurd´s report when the CEO of CBN, Dr. Gordon Robertson, directed scathing criticism at Barnevernet of Norway. He seemed shocked and stated: 

«We need to act! Our government must stand up to Norway and declare: ´You don´t get to do that to our children. Return the children to their parents or you are no longer going to be part of our system´». He even added: «Let´s not go to Norway!»

Gordon Robertson´s bold challenge for Norway must be communicated to President Donald Trump, a man who we esteem highly. But so far, USA is doing very little.

I have had the privilege of meeting twice the new US Ambassador to Norway, His Excellency Ken Braithwaite, a decorated Admiral who has a needed focus in Norway on NATO affairs. However, I am sure that he has capable associates who could prioritize the plight of US families in Norway. 

Look to Russia!

Gordon Robertson´s Bold Challenge for Norway - and: Look to Russia!Torp and Ramishvili

Russia is an example for USA in these matters. 

I have for 2 1/2 years had an excellent relationship with Russia´s Ambassador to Norway, His Excellency Teymuraz Ramishvili. 

I was privileged to bestow upon HE Ramishvili last year KKN´s Certificate of Honor.

Since we met first time in December 2016, Ramishvili has often discussed Barnevernet with me.

And Russia has gotten results.

The verified story goes like this:

Ramishvili made a phone call to the esteemed President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, who was dismayed to learn that 40 Russian families in Norway had their children taken by Barnevernet. Putin then gave an executive order to open the Northern border between Russia and Norway for thousands of refugees from muslim nations who were hoping to enter Norway. Thousands crossed the border to the shock of Norway´s Prime Minister, Erna Solberg. Within a few days, almost all the 40 Russian families received their children back from Barnevernet! 

I say: Look to Russia!

Look to Poland!

Gordon Robertson´s Bold Challenge for Norway - and: Look to Russia!Torp and Kowalski

In February 2019, Dr Slawomir Kowalski, who had served for almost six years as Poland´s Consul General in Norway, helping hundreds of Polish familes, and inspiring countless others, was expelled by Norway´s Prime Minister. Declared persona non grata, amid «wild accusations» against Dr Kowalski that KKN knows are totally false.

This is the kind of diplomatic behavior that Norway needs to face. True diplomats stand up for their people!

I was privileged to bestow upon Dr Kowalski this year KKN´s Certificate of Honor.

I say: Look to Poland!

Look to India!

In 2012, Barnevernet took an infant from its Indian parents who were working professionally in Norway. The accusations were that a baby should not eat yoghurt and should not sleep between mom & dad at night.

India´s Ambassador in Norway made a phone call to New Dehli, and within days India denied Norway´s national mobile phone company the rights to the growing Indian markets.

Very soon, Barnevernet sent the baby back!

Pat Robertson

Gordon Robertson´s Bold Challenge for Norway - and: Look to Russia!Dede & Pat rafting in the North Sea (Photo Credits: Jan-Aage Torp)

I met Dr. Gordon Robertson at an Israel event two years ago in the European Parliament in Brussels, but I have a longstanding relationship with his father, Pat Robertson, who I hosted for a full week in Norway 20 years ago when he brought his wife Dede. We went rafting in the North Sea, visited landmarks of Norway, and conducted rallies in Bergen, Kristiansand, and Oslo. Pat helped us to establish our Christian Coalition of Norway (KKN), which we restarted in December 2016 after 13 years of dormancy, and we are continuing in the same way that Pat taught us, but now our influence is much, much greater all over Europe. In the 1990´s we spearheaded the battle against the LGBTIQ agenda, and we continue that. However, in this era we have been forced to spearhead the battle against the anti-family policies that have Norway as the epicenter, and which is influencing decision-makers in Brussels and Strasbourg.

«Look to the Free Nations!»

Gordon Robertson´s Bold Challenge for Norway - and: Look to Russia!Pat Robertson translated by Jan-Aage Torp

At the Pat Robertson rallies in Norway 20 years ago, his recurring message was that we had to leave socialism behind. «Look to the free nations of Europe!» he  declared, and mentioned Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and others.

It seems that Pat´s message 20 years ago is still needed.

Gordon is giving Norway the same bold challenge.

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