In Transformation

Jan-Aage Torp
February 01, 2018

As the President of European Apostolic Leaders I get to go to places that are in the midst of fundamental change, and to meet people who are achievers and standard-bearers for righteousness.

Right now I am in Albania for four days, a nation that has been dominated for centuries by Ottoman islam and for decades by Enver Hoxha’s communism.

Since 1990, this nation has been in the process of transformation into a free-market economy with parliamentary democracy, but the judicial systems are steeped in corruption. Perhaps 95 percent of the court judges do their rulings «by auction». The highest «bid» wins, said an independent observer to me.

The population of three million citizens is little by little being enhanced by the return of expertise and brain-power from the Albanian diaspora, almost a million living in Europe and North America.

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