General Conditions

General Conditions for Restoration Oslo´s rights to material (texts, photos, videos, audios, illustrations, graphics or other) which is delivered to Christian Coalition World for publication. When we below write Christian Coalition World, this implisitly means Restoration Oslo.

General Conditions

1. Area 
These conditions pertain to all kinds of editorial material – texts, photos, videos, audios, illustrations or graphics – which are delivered to Christian Coalition World for publication, whether this is pre-agreed or without agreement. The conditions are binding, regardless of financial renumeration, or no financial renumeration.

2. Christian Coalition World´s rights
Christian Coalition World takes over the rights to publish the material in all publications of Christian Coalition World. This implies that the material can be published on and other webpages that are owned and operated by Christian Coalition World, including printed publications and electronic distribution channels, unless something else is agreed in writing. The right to use is regardless of technical platform, and will also include new platforms which are developed after the establishment of this agreement. Christian Coalition World´s rights also includes publishing in other publications which Christian Coalition World has cooperation and exchange agreements with.

3. Change of Material 
Christian Coalition World is given the right to change the material that has been received. The contributor´s ideal rights according to (Norwegian) "Lov om Opphavsrett (Åndsverkloven) § 3" shall however be taken care of.

4. Responsibility 
Christian Coalition World takes for granted that the contributor has all necessary rights to the material. If it is necessary to clarify the rights to the material, then the contributor must explicitly make Christian Coalition World aware of that. If this has not been done, the contributor will be financially responsible for any financial loss that Christian Coalition World suffers as a consequence of lacking rights.

5. Renumeration 
Possible renumeration must be agreed upon specifically in each instance. 
If compensation is payed, this is regarded as a full and final payment for all of Christian Coalition World´s rights, according to these Conditions.

Kristen Koalisjon Norge/Christian Coalition World, December 2016

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