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The Family Defense Award 2018 to Poland's Finest

March 13, 2018
The Family Defense Award 2018 to Poland's Finest

On Friday, April 20th at 20:00, the KKN Family Defense Award for 2018 will be awarded during a live broadcast on TV Visjon Norge. The award will be given to two winners:  1) Katarzyna Jachimowicz, the Polish medical doctor in Telemark, Norway who fights for the freedom of conscience for medical doctors, and for this reason has had to fight tough battles against the State of Norway in the courts; and 2) the mighty legal thinktank in Warsaw, Ordo Iuris, which is a supplier of conditions in the Polish societal battle for the right to life, the dignity of human beings, and family rights. Ordo Irus will be represented by its President, Jerzy Kwasniewski. Both award winners will receive the award personally during the formal ceremony that takes place in the popular «Studio Direkte» program on TV Visjon Norge, which is Scandinavia´s largest Christian TV channel.

Last year´s award was given to the Marius & Ruth Bonariu family, and was also broadcasted live on TV Visjon Norge.

On Saturday, April 21st at 09:00, KKN celebrates our 25th anniversary during the Prayer Breakfast in Oslo. The award winners will participate here as well.

We will be back with extensive information. 

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