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Certificate of Honor

July 24, 2018

The KKN Certificate of Honor is awarded to dignitaries such as heads of state or representatives of states such as ambassadors and leaders of parliaments, judiciaries and international organizations. The certificate is always awarded and presented on Norwegian soil to the receiver personally.

The KKN Certificate of Honor is specifically awarded for the dignity of life and family that is exemplied by the receiver personally and/or the state or organization that they represent.

The purpose of the KKN Certificate of Honor is to honor the receiver and the corresponding state or organization, but it also aims to enhance the appreciation for the values of Jesus Christ that bring dignity to humanity in all cultures and nations of the world.

Although KKN does not represent the Kingdom of Norway nor the sum total of the Christian churches of Norway, we purport to bestow the KKN Certificate of Honor as a statement of honor from the Christians of our nation.

The KKN Certificate of Honor is always in the A-4-format and contains the flag of the recipients nation as well as Norway´s flag. An important component in the KKN Certificate of Honor is the Christ-portrait that has been painted by the Norwegian painter Reidar Kolbrek.

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